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Pet Putt is an award-winning minigolf puzzle-adventure through spherical courses with adorable animal friends.

Solo Game Godot Scripting C++ Shaders

rnjin is an independent research project with a type-safe entity-component-system architecture and Vulkan renderer.

Solo Engines C++ Vulkan

This collection of projects explores volumetric rendering in Unity, including real-time authoring of complex procedural volume textures, cloud rendering, and scientific visualization.

Solo Unity Shaders Tools

Gamedev@IU is a student-run organization I founded at Indiana University. As a vice president, I collaborated with a leadership team and organized workshops and guest speakers.

Leadership Collaboration Community Organization
From-scratch ECS framework with C++ and Vulkan
Unity Submodules
Open-source Unity submodules with extensible APIs and extensive documentation
Unity Volumetrics
Raymarched rendering of sparse volumes and tools for authoring procedural 3D textures
Vect0r Space 2
From-scratch graphics drivers and software rendering for a restricted device with C
Godot Raytracing
Real-time stylized raytracing in Godot 3.1
OpenGL Simulation
From-scratch GPU rendering and simulation with C++ and OpenGL
Unity library for real-time pixelization of 3D graphics and effects
Pet Putt!
A spherical minigolf puzzle-adventure with adorable animal friends
Slug Slasher
Programmer Artist Designer
2D platformer with hack-n-slash combat and juicy gamefeel
Pong 2
Solo Game Jam
Jam game that turns Pong into a circular competitive rhythm game
Hyperspace Drifter
A stylish arcade SHMUP with only one resource
Paper Jam
Solo Game Jam
Jam game with local 4-player item-based arena combat
Too Many Bears
Solo Game Jam
Jam game with custom dynamic pixelization library and explosive bear action
Technical Artist
Art direction and implementation for an abstract narrative experience exploring grief
Programmer Artist
A chess-like digital puzzle game with asymmetric starting conditions and competent AI
Solo Game Jam
Jam game with custom collision shape manipulation for puzzle-platforming
Meteor Dance Wave VR
VR rhythm game inspired by Beat Saber, Rock-Paper-Scissors, and synthwave aesthetics
Command Line
Programmer Designer Game Jam
Jam game with swarms of drones controlled with text-based commands
Technical Artist
Unified visual and compute shader framework for stylized water
Untitled Dungeon Crawler
Solo Game Jam
Jam game with a hybrid 2D pixelart and low-poly 3D aesthetic
Technical Art
Exploratory projects with Substance Designer, Houdini, Maya, and UE4 materials
Founder Organizer
A student game development organization where I directed a leadership team and organized events
The Astro Parcel Service
Contract art direction and concept illustration for a small indie project
Web Design
Designer Programmer Artist
Static websites with responsive layouts and custom content management tools
Graphic Design
Professional and volunteer graphic design work across various media
I am an independent game and software developer based in Bloomington, Indiana. In addition to checking out my projects here, you can find me on Twitter @RajinShankar to see whatever I'm up to at the moment.
contact: rajin@rajinshankar.com copyright Rajin Shankar, 2020