Rajin. games & software. developer. Programmer. Technical Artist. April 2018
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Key Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Programming
  • Tech Art
  • Design and development of data structures for efficient AI processing
  • Creation of a framework for AI and human players to interact with individual levels in real-time
  • Design and balancing of units and board configurations
  • Production of all game visuals
  • Classical AI algorithms such as minimax and negamax
  • Variable heuristic configuration to compare effectiveness
  • Simple object-based level construction with back-end processing to generate AI facing structures
  • Multithreaded processing of AI logic to enable real-time play
Tools Used
  • Unity, C# (gameplay, AI, visuals)
  • Photoshop (textures)

Asymars is a turn-based tactical (digital) board game where opposing sides compete to destroy all of the other's pieces. Games are played on a nonuniform board with asymmetric starting configurations of units. The game features configurable AI that is able to competently compete using a variety of classical artificial intelligence techniques.

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