Rajin. games & software. developer. Programmer. Technical Artist. January 2018
3 people

48 hours

Global Game Jam





Key Skills
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Teamwork
  • Programming
  • Design and programming of AI, user interface, and resource systems
  • Creation and implementation of a visual style with in-engine techniques
  • Graph-based handling of resource networks
  • AI flocking behavior
  • Command parsing that drives behavior for AI groups
Tools Used
  • Unity, C# (gameplay, effects)
  • Sibelius (music)

Made in 48 hours for the 2018 Global Game Jam, Command Line is a drone management and resource collection game centered around writing programs that are broadcast from communication hubs to the fleets in their command.

Due to the brevity of the jam, some gameplay elements were designed but never implemented, however the final product showcases many of the core systems and could easily serve as a basis for future development.

contact: rajin@rajinshankar.com copyright Rajin Shankar, 2020