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Key Skills
  • Long-term commitment
  • Full-stack game development
  • Customizing an existing engine
  • Custom gradient-based lighting shaders
  • Procedural spherical spline geometry generation for paths
  • Procedural trajectory arc geometry generation
  • Orientation-independent camera control and object interaction to support a spherical play space
  • Extensible dialogue, state machine, and serialization framework systems
  • Best Aesthetic: Indy PopCon 2019

Tools Used
  • Godot, GDScript, GLSL (gameplay, visuals)
  • Blender (3D assets)
  • Photoshop (textures, graphic design)
  • Substance Designer (effects textures)
  • Krita (character art)

Pet Putt is a minigolf puzzle-adventure with adorable animal friends through spherical worlds. The game started as a small experimental prototype and has since grown into a full-scale independent production.

Made using a customized fork of the open-source Godot game engine, Pet Putt's award-winning visuals leverage a variety of shader and procedural geometry effects to produce a distinct visual style while keeping asset production manageable for a one-person team.

The game's spherical courses and interaction systems have been met with a glowing reception when it was shown for the first time at Indy PopCon 2019, and subsequently when it was selected for the Indy Indies 2019 Winter Showcase.

In addition to the main game, Pet Putt Planets! is a course-building card game being designed and developed by Adam Stichter and myself.

contact: rajin@rajinshankar.com copyright Rajin Shankar, 2020