Rajin. games & software. developer. Graphics Programmer. Spring 2019







Key Skills
  • Graphics programming
  • Data processing and visualization
  • Compute shader framework for generating 3D noises
  • Editor GUI tool for previewing and authoring complex procedural 3D volume textures
  • Raymarching-based cloud rendering (using generated noise volumes)
  • Tools for converting terabytes of astronomic data into a 3D texture
  • Raymarching-based visualization of scientific data
Tools Used
  • Unity (C#, HLSL)

During early 2019, I did a variety of explorations into rendering volumetric data using Unity. The first project includes an editor tool to author complex volume textures in real-time by blending layers of different noise types produced by HLSL compute shaders.

Using this tool, I created a demo scene using an approach to rendering clouds based on the work presented by Andrew Schneider and Nathan Vos for the game Horizon Zero Dawn.

A follow-up project consisted of converting around two terabytes of astronomic data from the European Space Agency's GAIA mission into a usable volume texture, then producing an interactive visualization using a basic raymarched density accumulation technique.

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